IES Housing Programs

We offers two types of housing accommodations for international students: homestays and studio apartments.

Homestay Application

Living with an American family is an intercultural experience for the student and offers the opportunity to speak English daily outside the classroom.All of our families are carefully selected, and we ask our students to comment on their host family experience on a regular basis. We have a variety of families in our homestay program. In most homestay situations, students are included in family life and can join the family’s activities. If desired, homestays offering more independence to the student are also available.

To find out about the student’s homestay preferences we ask students interested in our program to fill out our homestay questionnaire when applying for our program. We prefer no less than one month’s notice to locate the most suitable homestay.

A homestay arrangement includes accommodation in a private room and half board (breakfast and dinner) or breakfast only, seven days per week. Breakfast may be set up for the student to use on a self-serve basis and dinner will be a warm meal most of the time.

Homestay Price Information

Homestay With Breakfast & DinnerHomestay With Breakfast Only
$200 for one week$175 for one week
$400 for two weeks$350 for two weeks
$600 for three weeks$525 for three weeks
$750 for four weeks$650 for four weeks

Fees for homestay accommodation:
$200 placement fee (nonrefundable) for a homestay reservation we make for you.
$100 advance payment (nonrefundable) towards the first payment is also required at the time of registration.
$100 homestay security deposit required on the first day in school, refunded at the end of the homestay if there have been no damages and no extra costs for the host family (like telephone bills).


Staying in an apartment complex with American and other international residents also offers a good opportunity for students to practice their English and get to know people from all over the world .Studio Apartments
IES Hillcrest has an arrangement with Studio 819 Residential Hotel to provide our students with a discount. The apartments are within walking distance of IES Hillcrest, close to shops, restaurants and public transportation. These studios usually include a a fully furnished bedroom/living room, refrigerator, a microwave and a private bathroom.
Small studio apartments: For one to two students.
Medium studio apartments: For one to four students.

Option #1

Small (East side)

Option #2

Small (West side)

Option #3



Short term (One to three months) $703

Long term (More than three months) $646

Short term (One to three months) $726.75Long term (More than three months) $665

Short term (One to three months) $812.25

Long term (More than three months) $750.50

Please contact us to find out about the availability of these apartments. Space is limited, and we recommend you make a reservation as early as possible.

The rent and the security deposit must be paid on or before the day of arrival. Housing fees (rent) are paid directly to the apartment operator.

$100 security deposit payable to IES Hillcrest. The security deposit will be refunded at the end of the housing stay if there have been no damages to the facilities. You are asked to provide IES Hillcrest with your credit card information.$180.00 penalty if a contract is broken.

If the student needs further assistance or if a problem occurs after the student has moved in, IES Hillcrest office staff will be available to assist to the extent that they can. Please note, however, all financial arrangements concerning the apartment will be solely between the student and the apartment manager. IES Hillcrest will have no responsibility concerning these matters.

Housing Forms and Documents Needed

IES American Family Homestay Application 2017
Studio 819 Apartment Application: 2017 (IES Hillcrest Prefered Student Housing)
Applying within US
Application Form (pdf)
Your Request Form (pdf)
Credit Card Authorization Form (pdf)
( Click on Credit Check Fee and Holding Deposit )
Copy of Picture ID
Copy of Bank Statement which can cover 3 month worth rent
Applying from outside US
Application Form (pdf)
Your Request Form (pdf)
Credit Card Authorization Form (pdf)
(Click on Credit Check Fee and Holding Deposit )
Copy of Passport
Copy of VISA(If you wish to stay 3 month or longer)
Copy of I-20 Form (If you are attending school in US)
Bank statement which can cover 3 months worth rent